Get Wet is a world class wetting agent that will not only maximise your water usage, improve water penetration into the root zone but prevent hydrophobic soil. Where Get Wet also sets itself apart from the rest is its added bonus of Seaweed and Essential Vitamins. This will help draw moisture from the air and add rather than detract from your soil.


Property Surfactant Blend




Fulvic Acids




Australian summers can be hot and dry as we know leading to dry spots and Hydrophobic soil. This occurs when the soil creates a waxy coating on the soil particles, as a result the water is unable to be absorbed. What we see on the surface is water running off or pooling on the surface. This can also occur in pots and garden beds.


Teat a Huge 200m2 with just one bottle!


Easy to Use and Refil


With the easy to use hose on bottle all you need to do is give it a good shake and attach to your garden hose.

For best results apply evenly across your lawn in both directions. 

Once you have finished dont throw your bottle away! You can always purchase the Get Wet 1 litre bottle and refil and apply again. 


Refil Instructions


Add 100ml-200ml of Get Wet and fill the rest with water and shake well.

Get Wet 2L Hose on Bottle