Get Growth does exactly what the name suggest.


Get a quick, deeper greener lawn overnight!


With 15% Nitrogen it will promote your lawn to rapidly grow healthy deep green foliage. Along with Iron it will assist in iron deficiency in plants causing unsightly yellow leaves and eventually death.


Nitrogen is essential for chlorophyll and in turn photosynthesis, however, they are also dependent on iron. Without iron, plants simply cannot function as it should. Unlike nitrogen Iron is a trace element and is required in only small amounts. Iron is involved in the production of chlorophyll molecules. As the chlorophyll absorbs the blue and red portions of the electromagnetic spectrum it reflects the green light, which gives grass and plants that lovely deep green. With a longer darker green leaves it will assist in the plants ability to absorb sunlight.


Teat a Huge 200m2 with just one bottle!



Intended for use in the correction and prevention of foliage yellowing due to iron deficiency of flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables and lawns


Typical Analysis





Fish & Kelp





Easy to Use and Refill


With the easy to use hose on bottle all you need to do is give it a good shake and attach to your garden hose. For best results apply evenly across your lawn in both directions. Once you have finished dont throw your bottle away! You can always purchase the Get Growth 5 litre bottle and refill and apply again.


Refill Instructions

Add 1L of Get Growth and fill the rest with water and shake well.

Get Growth 2L Hose on Bottle