For pre-emergent control of certain annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in Turf

Embargo Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that can be used as an effective tool to help Turf Managers control annual weeds (Summer & Winter).

Embargo Herbicide selectivity is primarily through soil profile placement. Small-seeded plants take up greater amounts of the herbicide as they germinate in the soil profile zone of herbicide placement. Warm Season grasses can be less prone to root inhibition due to the fact they have a multiple fibrous root system, hence good even coverage and incorporation is required to ensure the weeds cannot recover by establishing roots outside the zone of herbicide activity.

Application should be prior to germination of the weeds; Winter Annuals - usually from late summer to mid-autumn, February to May. Summer Annuals - usually from early spring to summer, September to December.

Poison Schedule - Non Scheduled (Unscheduled)

Features and Benefits

  • Effective against all major annual grass weeds in turf during Summer & Winter
  • Season long control of annuals weeds (up to 18 weeks control)
  • Reduce the reliance on costly selective post-emergent herbicides
  • Unscheduled – Suitable for public areas
  • Low odour formulation
  • Reduce future weed set and germination
  • Application compatibility with wetting agents
  • Increase moisture conservation for a newly planted turf stand
  • Minimise nutrient and sunlight competition from annual grasses
  • Economical solution for your main annual weed problems; such as Winter grass, Summer grass, Crab grass & Crowsfoot grass


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Embargo Herbicide 500ml