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If I can grow it... so can you!

Something which has become obvious to me in our lawn and garden community is that ‘If you love it, you can grow it pretty much anywhere!’ Whether you have acres, a suburban backyard, a courtyard or even a rooftop… that little patch of green is attainable and sustainable with the right tools and knowledge.

Sharing this knowledge is integral and it is something we are very passionate about here at Get Grassed. Not everyone is born with ‘Green Thumbs’ and we are happy to share our combined expertise to give them and their dream lawn and garden a nudge in the right direction.

We accompany all our products with a helpful and easy to follow YouTube tutorial on how to get the most out of each of our products and we are only an email or DM away if you have any other questions. The beauty of gardening is that you never stop learning because every season is different, you must change and adapt your practice to suit different conditions. This is where our lawn and garden community become invaluable. There is an abundance of knowledge to be shared between us, all you need to do is reach out.

I have enjoyed gardening since I was a child, gaining much experience and knowledge for my parents whilst helping them around our 10-acre property and from watching about 30 years’ worth of Gardening Australia episodes. I still watch it today… and love it! So, it was a bit of a moment for me when a esteemed member of our on-line gardening community was featured on a couple of episodes and I recognised Wendy, from Up On The Rooftop from my daily Instagram feed.

Wendy has created a veritable food forest on an inner-city top storey apartment balcony using her knowledge of permaculture design to grow fruits, herbs and vegetables in a sustainable and regenerative way. Wendy shares her insights on her website blog along with her favourite products geared towards achieving more with less.

When Costa from Gardening Australia drops in

Courtesy of @UpOnTheRooftopBalcony

Our very own product Get Kelp+ was lucky enough to be featured as one of the few products that Wendy uses. Products I use in The Balcony Garden It is a great feeling to know that our passion here at Get Grassed is helping to nourish and grow the passion of a fellow garden lover and that as our business grows it will literally be growing and nourishing the lawns and gardens that you love so much.

If you would like to see more please click here to see more about Wendy and her Roof Top Garden.

Right, that’s enough from me, time to get back into the garden!