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Get Grassed Spring Advice

Get Grassed Spring Advice

Providing a guide as to when to apply products is sometimes fraught with danger. For example, giving a single date on a calendar marking when you should start a spring renovation. The difference between start times in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne can be 6-8 weeks apart.

Our approach is to keep it simple and help you learn to recognise when to apply what product, rather than rely on a set program.

More often, than not, people are encouraged to apply more products, more often and as a result spend more time and money than necessary. A nice lawn does not require you to spend a fortune on products or be a slave to it.

Applying products, for the average person, weekly is just not necessary. However, for some of you lawnies you will have your process and know what works for you.

As part of our Super Spring Special Pack these are the products, we recommend, to see you through Spring.

The Renovation

The following guide is for warm season grasses these include couch grass, kikuyu and buffalo grass.

Spring lawn care is usually centred around the lawn renovation. This is an important process to help maintain the health of your lawn. While some lawnies will have all the toys and time to go hard at this, some of us need to remember, keep it simple.

The More Experienced

Cut it short

Ideally using a cylinder mower cut to ground level except for Buffalo where you need to leave some leaf. Between 30-50mm is the recommended height for Buffalo grass.


If you don’t own a scarifyer you can hire these from some garden supply stores. Score the soil at a depth of around 5mm. This will help remove some of the dead roots and help with soil contact when we apply our granular latter.


Once again, if you don’t own one you can hire them or find a local contactor that can do it for you. Aeration involves coring or taking plugs out of the lawn. Using a coring machine gets the best results but in the alternative guide there are cheaper ways. Aeration helps with root growth by allowing air and water to penetrate the soil. This is extremely important if you soil is compacted from high traffic flow.


Now that your lawn has more holes than Swiss cheese, we need to fill them in. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you will know about the debate around sand or sandy loam. Depending on your soil profile (check the plugs) you can decide on which way you go. Just make sure you fill all those holes in and spread some extra over the surface to fill in any low spots. Aim for about 5-10mm above the lawns surface.

Top-dressing at the home of Get Grassed
Lawn or Beach?

Alternative Guide

Cut it short

If you don’t have a cylinder mower lower your rotary mower in stages until it cant go any lower. This will require a number of passes over the lawn. You will be surprised how many clippings you will collect, so plan ahead with your green bin or a trailer. When it comes to Buffalo you need to leave some leaf. Between 30-50mm is the recommended height for Buffalo grass, and buffalo should never be maintained at such low heights of 12mm.

Next two steps are optional but recommended. If time poor or not that invested, skip 😊


Grab your garden rake and lightly score the earth. This will remove some of the dead roots and thatch. Once finished use your mower to run over it and pick up the debris.


Aeration opens compacted soil and allows air water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil profile. The alternative method to a corer is the old pitchfork. Depending on the size of your lawn you might just focus on the high traffic areas or spots where it gets very wet. If your soil is firm, give it a good water first. My personal opinion don’t waste your money on the aeration shoes unless your soil is very sandy.

Top- dressing

Top dressing allows you to fill these holes back in, most people use either a fine sand or a sandy loam. It sounds counter productive to create holes just to fill them back in, but the sand or sandy loam will not be as compacted as the soil that was there. To apply, simply fling the shovel of sand across the lawn then use a broom to sweep it in. A soil spreader is the preferred method but remember we are keeping this one simple.

The following is a guide for cool season grasses like Ryegrass and Fescues.

Tall fescue is a great choice for much of Southern States of Australia. With its ability to deal with an extended drought or cope with a heavy frost, it is a low maintenance lawn.

Low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance though, and it does require some love at this time of year to keep it looking its best!

If you have some thinner patches, then overseeding may be the answer. Spring is a great time to do this. When applying new seed, it is a great opportunity to apply our Get Turfed granular. With the addition of molasses and Glutamic acid, it enhances seed germination, root growth and nutrient uptake.

Fescues love Nitrogen, with the combination of the fast acting Get Growth and slow releasing Get Turfed, we will have you covered.

Post Renovation Fertilising Warm Season Grasses

Following your renovation apply the following:

Get Turfed - Up to 4kg of Get Turfed per 100sqm

Get Wet

Around 50mls per 100sqm

*For the warmer states, you can reapply the Get Wet 4-6 weeks after the first application if you feel it needs it.

Weeks Following:

Get Kelp+

40ml of Get Kelp+ will treat around 100sqm. Apply every 2-4 weeks

Get Growth

500ml of Get Growth treats 100sqm. Apply every 2 weeks for the 6 weeks following a renovation. You can then apply it when you simply want to get a quick green up.

*You can tank mix both the Kelp+ and Growth, but I prefer to alternate between the two each week. Remembering the Get Growth also contains 4% Fish and Kelp, you will still be improving the soil profile not just encouraging growth.

Final Tips

Save yourself some money this Spring with our Super Spring Specials.

When it comes to lawn maintenance, most people simply want the lawn to be healthy and green. If you are comparing yourself to those online, remember they are doing far more behind the scenes than you will see.

If purchasing wholly Australian made products is important to you, do a little homework. Not all kelp found in some major brands is from Australia.

Spring is also a good time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide and a preventative pesticide. If you would like to know more please email us.

Enjoy your lawn, don’t be a slave to it, it’s suppose to be fun. 😊

Now is also a great time to consider your veggie garden and ornamental plants! (you know… those green things around your lawn). Get Carped is a brilliant rich source of liquid fish along with micro and macro nutrients great for your whole garden. Improve the soil quality and encourage deeper rooting and penetration of nutrients and water, it’s immune system and bring unproductive soil back to life.