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Get Grassed is Truly a Family Business

Get Grassed is not just about providing quality lawn products but a large part of our passion is our garden and specifically our veggie garden. Before my lawn was the focus of my attention, I fell in love with gardening from my wife.

Marnie will be a new face to many of you, however, her knowledge and love of the garden was the driving force behind developing and refining some of our products. Her passion is contagious and its lovely seeing our daughter follow in her steps.

My face might be on the labels but like in any good relationship, behind any great man there is even a better women.

Marnie Baxter Get Grassed Fertiliser get the best lawn and garden in the street Australian Owned and Made
Marnie Baxter from Get Grassed

It was important for us that our range was diverse and delivered on both our needs in the garden. We wanted to ensure value for money to our customers by delivering high quality products without the hefty price tags, or heavens forbid recreate the cheap and nasty.

Products like the Get Kelp+ and Get Carped in particular were really designed with both the lawn and garden specifically in mind.

With a rich super concentrated blend of fresh seaweed, proteins & amino acids and minerals Get Kelp+ became the perfect soil conditioner for both lawn and garden conditions. It encourages strong root growth, stimulates microbial growth in soil and helps protect roots from soil borne diseases and cope with stress for frosts, drought and heat. As a result, it also reduces transplant shock when repotting plants inside and outside the home or plant new plants from the nursery.

While Get Carped, is also an organically based fertiliser. It is also environmentally friendly as it contains European carp removed from our waterways. The macro and micro-nutrients contained within Get Carped make it perfect for use on indoor and outdoor plants, lawns, and veggies.

Get Wet, our soil wetter and conditioner took this approach one step further. While it is a valuable tool for the lawn and garden, we wanted more from it. With the increased attention and passion for indoor plants and pots, we wanted Get Wet to be able to not only help with hydrophobic soil but to provide essential nutrients to our indoor and outdoor pot plants.

Get Kelp Get Carped Get Wet

Over the last several weeks you might have noticed more produce and garden images via our social media. This emergence of more photos of the produce we grow, stems from work by Marnie. You might have seen this post of our strawberries. These came from an original plant that would be nearly 40 years old, relocated and transplanted to just about every house we have lived in! Alternating, between the Get Kelp+ and Get Carped we would have enjoyed around 30 punnets from our 2 x 1.5 meter patch this season. It gives us great delight watching our daughter take herself out the garden for a snack.

In the coming weeks Marnie will be joining me in front of the camera as we continue the “How to” series on the Get Grassed Range. Tell us what product you would like to see next in the comments below.

And remember “If you can’t be grassed, Get Grassed can”.

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